Halifax, January 26 – CarShareHFX is very proud to announce they are facilitating the next step into a greener and more connected than ever sustainable mobile Halifax with the integration of carsharing information into Transit App. Transit App is a mobile application that instantly displays the nearby mobility options and the next departures for public transportation, taxis and now, CarShareHFX

“CarShareHFX’s mission is to partner with all mobility providers to increase sustainable options to reduce dependency on individually or fleet owned vehicles”, says Pam Cooley, President of CarShareHFX. Transit fits with our mission to make access to mobility options easier for our present members and members to come”.

Transit App allows users to quickly and intuitively pick the best travel option available to them,” says Sam Vermette, Co-Founder and CEO of Transit App. “Users can choose which means of mobility they want to use and, plan their CarshareHFX reservations with just a few taps. Best of all, it is seamlessly integrated to make it even easier to get around Halifax.”

Many studies have demonstrated that the use of carsharing paired with public transit represents one of the best ways of reducing the number of cars in circulation. It also results in better health for commuters as they walk a bit more everyday. Furthermore, the need to reserve a car before using it leads to a more rational, practical use of cars.

CarShareHFX offers a brilliant alternative to expensive car ownership with self-serve access to clean, green, fuel-efficient vehicles, available 24/7/365. For the launching of the application and celebrating another partnership, CarShareHFX is waiving $40 towards any annual plan chosen. Simply use the promo code TRANSITHFX during the subscription process.

About CarShareHFX

With now 35 cars in its fleet, CarShareHFX has been providing Halifax residents with carsharing services since 2008. It provides the most affordable and flexible mobility solution: combining carsharing, public transportation, biking and walking. More than 1000 Haligonians benefit by maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle and bottom line, saving on transportation expenses. CarShareHFX recently reduced their age eligibility to 20 years of age.

About Transit App

Transit App solves the daily commute in more than 100 cities around the world. Right on launch, Transit App displays all nearby transport options and departure times in big text and bright colors. Users can plan trips, set reminders, and get notifications about disruptions. In addition to public transit, the application integrates all sustainable transport modes, including bike sharing, car sharing and Uber. Counting millions of active users in the US and Canada, Transit App has emerged as the leading urban transport app in North America. The company is based in Montreal, Quebec. You can visit www.transitapp.com for more information.



Pam Cooley, CarShareHFX