Halifax, May 3, 2016 – CarShareHFX (Halifax) announced today its development plan for 2016. The company unveiled a new logo and website and announced a brand change: CarShareHFX becomes CarShare Atlantic. Its carsharing fleet will also grow by almost 30% as 10 new hybrid cars will be added to the existing fleet of 35 vehicles. The number of hybrid cars will go from 10 to 24 cars.

 Becoming CarShare Atlantic

“We are excited to present our new name and look”, says Pam Cooley, President of CarShare Atlantic.

“Our new logo expresses different meanings” said Ms. Cooley. “The green circle in the middle reminds our members that they are the heart of our community. The second circle represents a “C” for community and a wheel whose motion reflects the positive impact of carsharing on urban space. If you put those circles together, you see a target that signifies our conviction that carsharing is a key solution to mobility challenges. We share this logo with the carsharing pioneer Communauto and its network of cities.  By changing our name to CarShare Atlantic, we mark our regional vision” she explained.

This new branding is the latest development in the 2011 partnership with North America’s pioneer carsharing company, Communauto. “The combined strength of Communauto and CarShare Atlantic has created new synergies and increased capacity to answer to the growing demand”, said Jean-François Charette, Operations Director of Communauto. “For members of CarShare Atlantic it means they will soon be able to reserve cars in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Kingston, Gatineau, Sherbrooke and even Paris, France”, he explained. 

New website

A complete overhaul of the website has been made and has a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation. It features an uncluttered design with the integration of pictures of Nova Scotia taken by Chris Reardon, a recognized local photographer.  To reaffirm its status as a company well-rooted in its community, the website features a page recognizing the local partners that make the development and accessibility of carsharing possible.


About us 

Since 2008 CarShare Atlantic has been providing Halifax citizens with the most affordable and flexible mobility solution: combining carsharing with public transportation, biking and walking. With almost 1100 members and 45 cars, residents and businesses benefit by maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle. We also reduce our city’s dependency on personal or fleet owned vehicles. CarShare Atlantic is part of network that offers sustainable mobility solutions to a nearly 50,000 in Quebec, Ontario and Paris (France).




Pam Cooley, President

CarShare Atlantic