Halifax, July 28, 2015 – CarShareHFX is proud to announce they are adding ten new, fuel-efficient Prius C vehicles to their fleet making a total of 35 cars. They are collaborating with some old and new partners to have more convenient locations on the peninsula for their members and the vision of greater urban sustainability. “We were bursting at the seams and these cars will fill the demand,” says President Pam Cooley. “We are so thankful for our “Community Partners” that host our parking locations and provide PERKS to our members.”

“We love being a Community Partner with CarShareHFX,” says Jeremy Jackson, VP Marketing of Killam Properties. “By providing CarShareHFX locations at our buildings we add value to our residents, the community and the city.”

The announcement took place today on the Halifax waterfront with host Waterfront Development, a long time Community Partner, who provides free parking for CarShareHFX vehicles when they are on their lots. They also encourage staff to use CarShareHFX vehicles as part of their clean, green and safe initiatives.

New parking locations that will open include long-term partners Killam Properties (Spring Garden Place), Southwest Properties (Winchester on Morris St.) and Metro Care and Share (Agricola St.). New partners include MacDonald Apartments on Cunard St., GWL Realty (Scotia Towers on Brunswick St.) and Crombie REIT (Park Lane and Brunswick Place). Two more locations are in the works.

Pam Cooley, President CarShareHFX and Colin McLean, President, Waterfront Development
Pam Cooley, President CarShareHFX and Colin McLean, President, Waterfront Development

Crombie REIT is not only hosting locations but also joins other long time Community Partners like the Port of Halifax with the perk of providing free parking for CarShareHFX cars when on their lots. The Crombie REIT locations include Scotia Square, Park Lane Mall and Theatres, and Brunswick Place.

Casino Taxi is also collaborating. They are hosting a new location at the Novalea Mall that bridges the NSCC location with the Oland Brewery’s lot on Agricola St., making it easier for members in that part of the city. They have also become CarShareHFX’s preferred taxi service. “Taxis are part of the mix that provides options to not own a car. We are happy to be part of the growing Community Partner list,” says Angie Herman, Director – Finance & Administration of Casino Taxi.

It is not a coincidence several hosts are developers and property managers and institutions like Dalhousie University. Having a car on-site provides an amenity for their residents, students and staff as well as reduces the constraints on parking in the surrounding community.

More cars, more stations and a summer promotion

With more cars, more stations and a promotion for new members that gives up to $200 in driving time, CarShareHFX is more attractive than ever. This summer promotion offers trips for less while enjoying summer to the fullest! Valid on Liberty Plans until September 30, 2015.

About CarShareHFX

Since 2008 CarShareHFX has been providing Halifax citizens with the most flexible mobility solution: carsharing + public transportation + biking + walking. With almost 1000 drivers, residents and businesses improve benefit by maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle and bottom line. CarShareHFX’s mission is to partner with others to increase sustainable mobility options to reduce our city’s dependency on individually or fleet owned vehicles. carsharehfx.ca



Pam Cooley, CarShareHFX